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Empowering companies worldwide to develop, inspire, and motivate their talent through immersive learning experiences and coaching; optimizing performance, retention, and engagement.
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“C.L.A.P. is magical, practical, and tangible. A must-have for effective communication, influential presence, and building high-performing teams”.

Director of Instructional Design - Yasmine Hudson




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“Participated in a session today led by the incredible Dr. Natalia Elizabeth Paul and was taken aback by an exercise where she had half the group argue in favor of and half argue against controversial taglines, only to challenge us later to switch and defend the opposing view. Being placed in that situation was a lesson in creativity, reframing, and innovation. 

Taking a step back to really think through different perspectives would likely push the limits of our innovation and save us time down the line. 

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for a great lesson, and thanks, LinkedIn for fun learning opportunities”

- Sr. Manager, Employee Communications

Bridging Gaps between Company Goals & Employee Experiences

  • "We're facing challenges with employee engagement; energy levels are low, burnout is widespread globally, and motivation is lacking, making it difficult to achieve our business goals. Additionally, we're experiencing high attrition and are struggling to retain top talent. We need strategies to inspire and reinvigorate our teams to not only move the needle on our objectives but also enhance talent retention."."
  • "We're grappling with the challenge of shaping a culture where employees feel safe to show up authentically. Speak-up scores are low, and teams need more shared perspectives and learning. We are seeking engaging learning workshops on psychological safety and team commitments to establish a level of openness across the company which is more complex than we initially thought."
  • "We've noticed a growing disconnect among our employees regarding their career trajectories within our company. We're looking for a comprehensive program that not only reignites their passion for their roles but also provides a clear, actionable roadmap for growth, stretch projects and internal mobility."
  • "We have a team of 300 individual contributors and 42 new managers struggling to secure buy-in for projects from peers and leadership. We seek a training program that enhances influence without authority, boosts confidence in communication for presentations and meetings, and strengthens executive presence to effectively drive project buy-in."

Our PIP-C Framework:
Transforming Company Challenges into Learning Opportunities


We merge our passions for community learning, data-driven talent assessments, behavioral science principles, and arts-based modalities to serve your #1 priority - the people of your organization.


We aim to maximize engagement and retention through custom learning experiences that provide practical, day-to-day frameworks. Our arts-driven approach tackles real organizational challenges for impactful learning, enhancing behavioral skills and career growth. This method has improved job performance and satisfaction by as much as 30%.

Performance & Organizational Psychology

A Human-Centric approach with data-driven organizational health assessments. Developing equitable cultures where every employee feels recognized and valued. Our approach cultivates authentic leadership across all levels, fostering personal and professional growth and empowering every individual to make an impact, regardless of their level or role.

Community of Learning

Learning attracts, retains, and engages top talent when it becomes a part of the culture. The shift from hierarchical to empathetic leadership empowers individuals to take ownership of their learning journey and role, encouraging accountability and supporting community growth, leading to long-term personal investment in the company’s and talent's success.

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