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With a rich tapestry of over 14 years transforming business complexities and talent development, Our keynotes blend the precision of a military strategist with the creative flair of Disney Magic, consistently exceeding expectations.

What Sets Dr. Natalia Paul Apart? 

  • Diverse  Expertise: From empowering Fortune 50 companies to dynamic startups, Global SaaS organizations, and government entities, my journey has honed unmatched skills in facilitation, coaching, and global enablement.
  • Engaging Storyteller: Our presentations are more than speeches; they are immersive experiences that balance digestible strategies with human-centric narratives, reflected in my stellar average NPS of 96 and a facilitator score of 100.
  • Proven Results: We bring a track record of impressive achievements, including clients experiencing a 76% surge in sales, a $1.5 million revenue increase in just five months, and a 43% boost in employee engagement in a single quarter.

As Featured In:

The New York Times

LinkedIn Talent Blog

Spectrum News

Oprah Winfrey Network's "David Makes Man"

Showtime's "Flatbush Misdemeanors"

Netflix's "Happy"

A Global and Diverse Perspective: 

With a history of captivating audiences from the U.S. to Singapore and Switzerland, Dr. Paul's extensive background enriches adaptability and creative leadership. As a military veteran with two master's degrees in Organizational Leadership and Communications and a doctorate in Educational Leadership focusing on Organizational Psychology and Expressive arts, Dr. Paul brings a unique blend of expertise. This rich blend of experiences ensures that every session profoundly impacts audiences across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Why Book with Us?

We don't just speak; we transform. Whether it's revitalizing your team, igniting innovative ideas, or redefining employee experiences, our keynotes are designed to propel your organization to new heights. The C.L.A.P. Experience mission is clear: to transform customer and employee experiences, cultivate thriving cultures, and turn visionary ideas into tangible successes.