Our curtains opened in 2016 with a shared passion for technology, science, entertainment, finance, and public service. United by our diverse backgrounds, we weave together data-driven methods and the richness of real-life experiences. Learning strategies deeply connected to real-world stories are at the heart of our approach, allowing us to understand and meet your team's unique needs authentically.

We're committed to starting right where your team stands, guiding them on a transformation journey with practical benchmarks. Through creative and immersive experiences, we don't just aim to drive business outcomes – we strive to create lasting improvements in performance, engagement, and retention, making a meaningful difference in both professional and personal lives.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities:

We Createee  

  • Transparently: Clear insights for clarity, constructive feedback, and growth.
  • Equitably: Ensuring fair opportunities for all voices.
  • Inclusively: Embracing all perspectives, without limits, always striving to enlarge our territory.

We Develop

  • Our Presence: Amplifying individual strengths, experiences, and passions.
  • Mindfully: Fostering a thoughtful, present-focused approach.
  • Authentically: we are multifaceted leaders. Show up as who you are; in every room, at every table… without judgement.

We Become

  • Leaders: Advocating for our peers, speaking up when we make mistakes, and creating safe spaces for all employees.
  • Our Ultimate Selves: Life is always teaching, and we are always learning. Show up as all of who you are.
  • Our Craft: Always be your craft. Authenticity, at the core, is non-negotiable.

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Meet the Team:

Dr. Natalia Elizabeth Paul

Founder & President

Emerging from the vibrant calypso rhythms of Trinidad & Tobago is the visionary behind Be Your Craft. Resilient beyond measure, she transformed a life-altering 40-foot fall during her army service into a stepping stone. Her unique blend of organizational psychology and expressive arts therapy has captivated audiences on platforms like Showtime and Oprah's "David Makes Man." As a master of cultural transformations, Dr. Paul uses the universal language of the arts to create safe, engaging spaces for training and expression. Here, authenticity is not just celebrated but is the cornerstone of unlocking diverse talent, enabling genuine self-expression, and driving stellar performance.

As a world-renowned keynote speaker, Dr. Paul's journey from the stages of Trinidad to the forums of Switzerland and New Zealand reflects her deep passion for making a worldwide impact. Committed to helping individuals harness their talents, Natalia is passionate about overcoming real-world organizational challenges.

"Regardless of your life journey, we all deserve to 'Be Our Craft.'

Create. Develop. Become.

Samantha Ahn

Chief of Staff, Engineer

Samantha, our chief of staff and engineer, brings healthcare, entertainment, and customer service expertise. Driven by societal impact, she develops web solutions that resonate with users. Harnessing her unique understanding of user needs and her creative insights from entertainment, Samantha is celebrated for her precision and innovation. She’s passionately dedicated to transforming the workforce through arts-based learning.

Deval Mistry

Head of Product Strategy

Deval Mistry (Dev) launched his career in 2012 as a visualizer in India, swiftly becoming a creative spearhead and consultant. He’s crafted media campaigns, art installations, commercials, and documentaries for national and international clients. Leveraging modern media strategies, Dev has, in the last three years, delivered standout visual dialogues for a range of clients, including Lincoln Square – Winters Eve, Community Partnership Charter School, NYIT’s Film Fest, and Be Your Craft Inc.

Jasmin Paul

Advisory Board, Client Solutions

With a dynamic 25-year career in financial services, Jasmin Paul seamlessly blends her expertise in banking, sales, and customer service. Recognized for her adeptness in client solutions and relationship-building, Jasmin’s insights have consistently driven success in the financial sector. As a key member of Be Your Craft’s advisory board, she now lends her profound acumen to revolutionize Client Services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences.

Joel Dhaness

Business Development

From Guyana to NYC, Joel found passion in films and digital media, leading to roles at ABC-TV and Disney. Expanding his expertise, he ventured into the burgeoning Web3 domain. As an intern at Queens College, he rigorously researched tree mortality using ArcGIS. At BYC Studios, his ability to cultivate relationships resulted in a remarkable 42% sales surge. Currently steering Business Development as an Account Executive, Joel’s multifaceted background powers strategic innovation and sustainable growth.

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