Creating Leaders with the Art of Play

Skill: Executive Presence & Effective Communication

Mode: Virtual or In-Person

Participants will learn to project confidence and adapt swiftly in agile settings, honing their leadership skills for fast-paced, unpredictable environments. By the end of this experience, they will have honed their ability to think quickly and communicate effectively, equipping them to navigate evolving landscapes and unexpected changes with innovation and agility.

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Learning Objectives

Understanding Executive Presence: Exploration of executive presence elements, including appearance, communication style, and emotional intelligence.

Non-Verbal Communication:
Mastery of body language, eye contact, and expressions to convey authority and approachability.

Effective Verbal Communication:
Developing clear, impactful, and persuasive communication skills.Active Listening Skills: Improving empathy and understanding through enhanced listening.

Presentation Skills:
Crafting engaging presentations focusing on audience engagement and handling impromptu scenarios.

Difficult Conversations:
Navigating challenging discussions with composure and empathy.

Personal Branding:
Building a professional brand that aligns with individual leadership styles and values.

The Art of Improvisation:
Techniques for thinking quickly on your feet, adapting to changing scenarios, and fostering creativity in communication.

Role Play:
Using role-play for real-time practice encourages teamwork and fosters innovative thinking.

The C.L.A.P. Experience:

  • Enhanced with AI, Augmented Reality, or Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Community Learning
  • Group Discussions and Reflection
  • Role-playing Scenarios
  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Personal and Group Exercises
  • Guided Self-Assessment Activities

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will leave with advanced executive presence and communication skills and the ability to think creatively and adapt rapidly in various professional settings. By the end of this experience, participants will have developed advanced executive presence and communication skills and the ability to think on their feet and adapt quickly in various professional scenarios.


HR Professionals, Corporate Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, and Aspiring Leaders who wish to enhance their leadership capabilities in dynamic and unpredictable business landscapes.
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