Career & Leadership Development

Talent Level: Early In Career & Emerging People Leaders

Custom Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Participants will discover how to blend their passions with proficiency, cultivating a renewed sense of purpose in their careers. This program equips learners with practical tools to enhance performance, leadership capabilities, and productivity. Emphasis is placed on leadership development, focusing on the cultivation of strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate teams effectively. By the end of this experience, learners will develop a comprehensive action plan to apply these principles daily, facilitating increased talent mobility and career advancement. This structured approach to leadership will not only improve personal performance but also position participants as pivotal leaders within their organizations, ready to navigate complex challenges and drive success.

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Learning Objectives

Integrating Passion with Proficiency: Leading participants through highly engaging and practical strategies on how to merge their personal interests with professional skills, driving a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction in their work.

Optimizing Performance & Feedback: Equipping participants with practical frameworks and techniques to enhance their productivity and performance, incorporating strategies for effectively giving and receiving feedback.

Developing Leadership Capabilities:
Equipping emerging leaders with skills to expand their influence, motivate teams, and guide organizational initiatives. This objective encompasses strategic thinking, decision-making, prioritization and emotional intelligence to effectively manage relationships and conflicts.

Conducting Effective Career Conversations:
Provide strategies for engaging in productive career discussions that facilitate overcoming challenges, professional growth, progress, and plans for the future.

Looking for more customizable learning objectives? Schedule a consultation with our team and one of our learning consultants will partner with you to co-create your desired learning experience.

The C.L.A.P. Experience:

  • Engaging and Immersive
  • Interactive Community Learning
  • Group Discussions & Consultations
  • Role-playing Scenarios & Activation
  • Leadership Office Hours
  • Customizable Full or Half Day Experiences
  • Guided Self-Assessment Activities

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will leave this experience with a revitalized connection to their career, equipped with the tools to embody resilience, innovation, collaboration, and honesty in their professional endeavors. They will have a clear action plan to integrate these principles into their daily work life, paving the way for optimized talent mobility, career growth, and fulfillment.


This experience is ideal for Individual Contributors and Emerging Leaders seeking to rediscover their passion, deepen their engagement with their work, and enhance their leadership effectiveness through a R.I.C.H. mindset.
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