Career Leadership & Action Planing

Skill: Career Mapping & Leadership Capabilities

Mode: Virtual or In-Person

Participants will learn to merge passion with proficiency, fostering a renewed sense of purpose in their work. By the end, they'll gain practical tools to apply resilience, innovation, and collaboration, along with an action plan to integrate these principles daily for enhanced talent mobility and career growth.

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Transforming Client Challenges into Opportunities:




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Learning Objectives

Resilience: Strategies for building resilience to navigate career challenges and setbacks.

Innovation and Creativity:
Techniques for fostering innovation and creativity in day-to-day tasks and long-term projects.

Collaboration for Success:
Enhancing collaborative skills to work effectively in diverse teams and leverage collective intelligence.

Honesty and Authenticity:
Emphasizing the importance of honesty and authenticity in professional growth and interpersonal relationships.

Reconnecting with Your Craft:
Practical steps for rediscovering and deepening your connection with your career and professional calling.

Mindfulness and Self-Reflection:
Using mindfulness and reflective practices to gain clarity and focus in your career path.

Action Planning:
Develop a personalized action plan to apply the R.I.C.H. principles in your professional journey.

The C.L.A.P. Experience:

  • Enhanced with AI, Augmented Reality, or Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Community Learning
  • Group Discussions and Reflection
  • Role-playing Scenarios
  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Personal and Group Exercises
  • Guided Self-Assessment Activities

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will leave this experience with a revitalized connection to their career, equipped with the tools to embody resilience, innovation, collaboration, and honesty in their professional endeavors. They will have a clear action plan to integrate these principles into their daily work life, paving the way for optimized talent mobility, career growth, and fulfillment.


This experience is ideal for professionals at any stage of their career seeking to rediscover their passion, deepen their engagement with their work, and enhance their professional effectiveness through a R.I.C.H. mindset.
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