Building & Leading High-Performing Teams

Team Level: New, Established, Hybrid Teams

Custom Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Participants will acquire valuable insights and practical strategies to cultivate a psychologically safe environment for daily interactions. By the end of this experience, learners will work toward a renewed sense of motivation, energy, and inspiration. With a refreshed social contract, team values, connection commitments and aligned team performance goals, teams leave with an actionable plan for optimized performance and productivity.  

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Learning Objectives

Establishing Psychological Safety & Trust: Exploring the foundational concepts of psychological safety and its critical role in navigating team connection, healthy conflict, and vulnerable feedback.

Social Contracts & Team Values: Establishing clear expectations and principal values that guide behavior and decision-making within the team.

Inspiration, Engagement & Motivation: Data-proven strategies to inspire and sustain high team energy and commitment levels for peak performance and team synergy.

Optimizing Team Connections & Goal-Setting: Developing interpersonal meaningful connections by enhancing the teams ability to set clear achievable goals in alignment with the overall team and organization's objectives for collective success.

Looking for more customizable learning objectives? Schedule a consultation with our team and one of our learning consultants will partner with you to co-create your desired learning experience.

The C.L.A.P. Experience:

  • Engaging and Immersive
  • Interactive Community Learning
  • Group Discussions & Consultations
  • Role-playing Scenarios & Activation
  • Leadership Office Hours
  • Customizable Full or Half Day Experiences
  • Guided Self-Assessment Activities

Expected Outcomes:

By the end of this experience, participants will have gained insights and practical tools to cultivate a psychologically safe workplace. They will be better equipped to lead authentically, encourage open dialogue, and build resilient, trusting teams.


This workshop suits organizational leaders, managers, HR professionals, and team members interested in enhancing authenticity and psychological safety in their work environment.
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