Global Learning for AR Compensation Workshops


The key hurdles were:

1. Crafting global scenarios relevant to AR compensation.

2. Making these workshops engaging and insightful, ensuring participants walk away with clear understandings and actionable insights.

3. Conveying complex ideas with precision, especially given the intricate nature of the subject.


Natalia and the BYC Team, known for their expertise in the field, were brought in to create the scenarios and co-host these critical workshops. Under her guidance, the workshop emphasized:

1. Detailed yet clear presentations of global scenarios.

2. A structured approach that kept participants engaged.

3. Real-world applicability, ensuring managers could directly implement the insights gained.


The participants found immense value in the workshops, attributing their success to:

1. The clarity and enthusiasm with which complex ideas were presented.

2. The rich, insightful content developed reflects deep domain knowledge.

3. The evident effort and dedication to developing the content in a limited timeframe resulted in an outstanding workshop experience.


Through the successful execution of these workshops, Natalia showcased the power of combining expertise with engagement. It wasn't just about data or figures; it was about understanding the intricate world of AR compensation and translating that into actionable strategies for managers globally. With the inclusion of the C.L.A.P. experience, the workshops embodied a harmonious blend of art and tech, setting a benchmark for future training sessions in the domain.