Reconnecting to Career Goals & Navigating Change for a Global Tech Marketing Team


To guide the global tech marketing team in realigning with their career aspirations, understanding potential career paths, and harnessing the power of personal stories to inspire change.

The Approach:

While the session was originally designed for a Technology Sales team, it was adapted and customized for a global tech marketing team. Multiple engagement avenues were offered: virtual sessions preceding the global tech marketing summit, specific career weeks virtual sessions across regions like NAMER, A.P.A.C., & EMEA, and a highlight in-person delivery during the live summit in San Francisco.


The timing of the session coincided with re-organization and layoffs within the team, making the topic, “Reconnecting to Your Career Goals & Mapping your Mobility,” potentially sensitive.


Recognizing the challenges, the content was revamped to make it more relevant and inspiring for the attendees. Leveraging the presence of multi-millionaire Issa Rae, a guest speaker at the event, the session intertwined her journey, highlighting the hurdles she faced and overcame. Additionally, select managers from the tech marketing team were invited to share their insights directly with the participants. This personal touch, including one manager's experience of interviewing Issa Rae, made the content relatable and impactful.


An outstanding Net Promoter Score (N.P.S.) of 100 was achieved. Qualitative feedback further accentuated the session's success:


Navigating career paths amidst organizational changes can be daunting. However, professionals can find clarity and direction with the right guidance, inspiration, and actionable insights. This session, helmed by Natalia, the C.L.A.P. experience and augmented by real-life experiences, proved to be a beacon for the global tech marketing team, emphasizing the power of stories, determination, and adaptability.