Personal and Professional Evolution with B.Y.C. and the C.L.A.P. Experience


The journey began when the Founder and implementation Leader sought to inject transformative energy into their start-up. With a desire to elevate their team and business, they engaged with Natalia and her B.Y.C. Team.

The C.L.A.P. Experience with B.Y.C.:

1. Crafting (C): Natalia's crafting expertise was instrumental in tailoring solutions specific to the start-up's unique challenges. Whether it was training modules, mentorship programs, or feedback systems, Natalia ensured every element was meticulously designed to resonate with the start-up's culture and vision.

2. Leadership (L):  The BYC Team fostered a culture of mutual respect and trust through her leadership. By steering conversations, facilitating workshops, and being available for one-on-one sessions, the BYC team helped the start-up team align with its core values, sharpen its focus, and augment its leadership capabilities.

3. Alchemist (A): Natalia’s alchemical prowess transformed challenges into opportunities. Her intuitive nature, combined with her deep understanding of organizational dynamics, allowed her to proactively address concerns, ensuring that potential pitfalls were transformed into stepping stones for growth.

4. Program (P): The BYC team’s systematic approach ensured that the collaboration wasn't just about isolated interventions but a continuous program of growth. Regular check-ins, feedback loops, and iterative strategies guaranteed that the start-up was always on a trajectory toward excellence.

Impact & Feedback:

The tangible effects of the collaboration were evident in the start-up's growth trajectory. Beyond metrics, the real testament was in the evolution of the team's mindset, skills, and capabilities. The Founder and implementation Leader acknowledged, "Every interaction with her and her team inspires, pushing everyone to aim higher."


Engaging with B.Y.C. and harnessing the C.L.A.P. Experience led to a transformative journey for the start-up. With Natalia at the helm, they navigated the challenges of the entrepreneurial world, witnessing profound personal and professional evolution. The collaboration stands as a testament to the potential that lies in strategic partnerships focused on holistic growth.