Team Effectiveness: Challenging Perspectives


 To cultivate creativity, promote understanding of opposing viewpoints, and emphasize the importance of effective communication in decision-making processes.


1. Engage participants in a meaningful yet non-conventional exercise.

2. Encourage them to detach from their beliefs and understand opposing viewpoints.

3. Drive home the importance of listening and reframing ideas collaboratively.

The Approach:

Dr. Natalia Elizabeth P. curated a session where participants were divided into groups and asked to argue for or against controversial taglines. After the initial debate, they were asked to switch their stance and argue from the opposite viewpoint in a surprising turn of events.

Key Takeaways: 

1. The ability to articulate your team member's position as clearly as your own is crucial.

2. Embrace the philosophy: "Argue as if you are right, listen as if you are wrong." - Karl E. Weick


The exercise illuminated a critical pitfall many faces: getting too engrossed in progressing a project without adequately considering alternative viewpoints. By stepping back and genuinely understanding different perspectives, teams can enhance their innovative capabilities and ensure more robust planning.


"Participated in a session today led by the incredible Dr. Natalia Elizabeth P., and was taken aback by an exercise where she had half the group argue in favor or and half argue against controversial taglines, i.e. pineapple belongs on pizza. (I could not argue against this one, and I pity those who have never tried a pepperoni and pineapple delicacy, but that's an aside.) 

After finishing the exercise, she hit us with a plot twist -- we had to return to our breakout groups and argue the opposite sides of the taglines.

Being placed in that situation was a lesson in creativity, reframing, and innovation, with two important takeaways: 

1. Are you able to articulate your team member's position as clearly as your own? 
2. "Argue as if you are right, listen as if you are wrong." - Karl E. Weick

Too many times, we are too busy sprinting forward on a project that we don't stop to consider differing view points or opposing arguments that might poke holes in our own plans. Taking a step back to really think through different perspectives would likely push the limits of our innovation and save us time down the line.

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for a great lesson, and thanks LinkedIn for fun learning opportunities in #SK23!"


Dr. Natalia Elizabeth Paul's session wasn't just about debating controversial tag lines. It was a masterclass in understanding, creativity, and the art of listening. With tools like these, professionals are better equipped to handle diverse opinions and foster a more inclusive, innovative environment, as exemplified by the enriching learning opportunities on LinkedIn's hashtag#SK23.